UNICEF Stories | Kingston & Montego Bay, Jamaica

Partnering with UNICEF & UNICEF NextGen, we spent a week highlighting human stories from local organizations working on the frontlines in some of Jamaica's most dangerous neighborhoods. The project was a labor of love for everyone involved. We're now developing an original documentary series to bring storytellers where they're needed most - to tell stories that matter. 

These films focus on two organizations, Eve for Life, and The Peace Management Initiative - working in Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica. The Peace Management Initiative is a UNICEF-supported non-profit working to end gang violence Jamaica-wide. Eve For Life has helped thousands of young women with nowhere else to turn since 2009, and their work has inspired a generation of fierce advocates against sexual violence.

A Q+A with Filmmaker Matthew K. Firpo

A film by Matthew K. Firpo

Cinematographer | Stuart Winecoff
Editor | Stephen Michael Simon
Co-Producer | Rosanna Bach
Original Score | Gavin Brivik
Colorist | Carlos Flores
Sound Design & Mix | Sean Higgins
1st Assistant Camera | Gary Bardizbanian
Location Sound | Saeed Thomas
Executive Producer | Maximilian Guen
Associate Producers | Donia Quan & Casey Rotter
Made Possible By | UNICEF Jamaica, UNICEF NextGen, and UNICEF USA

We’re eternally grateful to the young men and women who trusted us to share their stories.

Shot on Location in Kingston & Montego Bay, Jamaica on RED Cameras and Zeiss Lenses.

All Images © Matthew K. Firpo