A love letter to conservation, our changing climate, and the difference one person can make in a great big world.
This is the quiet story of Sonam Phuntsho, a forest caretaker in the Kingdom of Bhutan, who has spent the last 60 years planting over 100,000 trees by hand.

A film by Matthew K. Firpo

Producer | Finn Harries
Cinematographer | Jeremy Snell
Editor | Stephen Michael Simon
Colorist | Carlos Flores
Original Score | Gavin Brivik
Associate Producer | Jack Harries
Sound Design & Mix | Sean Higgins
Assistant Camera | Gary Bardizbanian
Local Guide | Sangay Wangchuck
Special Thanks | Richard Edwards, Rachel Bloodworth, Tenzin Rabgye, Dechen Dorji, and Nima

We're eternally grateful to Sonam Phuntsho who welcomed us into his home and his life, and to the volunteer team of artists that gave all of themselves to share his story.

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Filmed on location in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Made with the support of WWF and the Tourism Council of Bhutan