"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."
A quiet look at the lives on the line. First-hand stories from Central American migrants and asylum seekers searching for a better life in the north.

A film by Matthew Kazuo Firpo

Producers | Rosanna Bach & Matthew Kazuo Firpo
Cinematographer | Jeremy Snell
Editor & Colorist | Carlos Flores
Original Score | Gavin Brivik
Sound Design & Mix | Sean Higgins
Location Sound | Enrique Gonzalez
Assistant Camera | Gary Bardizbanian
Executive Producer | Maximilian Guen
UNICEF Mexico Staff | Lourdes Rosas & Isaias Garcia
Special Thanks | Casey Rotter & Donia Quon

We're eternally grateful to those who trusted us to share their stories, and to the volunteer team of artists that gave all of themselves to help tell them.

Filmed on location in Chiapas, Mexico on RED Cameras and Canon K35 Lenses
Made Possible by UNICEF NextGen